200M+ Market Cap

Hey there Titans! 🪐

It’s been an amazing week for us that keeps getting better. First we have received Certik and now we are happy to announce that we have reached 200 million+ market cap 🔥

This is an amazing milestone for our community, showing just how much we are growing. Titano’s presence in the DeFi space is reaching farther, bringing in people from all over the world and becoming more well known.

We have worked very hard to showcase our commitment to build something new and exciting in the Defi World. Each day, Titano is spread amongst friends, family and strangers. We are beyond humbled by the support and thank each and every Titan for their trust and support ❤️

Remember that we are still only at the start of our story and have much planned to come soon, so please stay tuned. Thank you Titans, and continue to be amazing, growing the community more and more every day, and happy 200 million market cap!



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