Amazing News!

Dear Titans 🪐

On Monday, 8th August, we made a $35k buyback and burn. This came courtesy of our recent partnership with Liquid Capital and our involvement in their presale event.

Also on Monday we added $1M of liquidity to SWYCH DEX through a new WBNB/BUSD pair and BUSD/USDT pair.

This means you can now easily swap between TITANO, BNB and BUSD/USDT, directly on SWYCH. Remember that all swaps carry a fee, but SWYCH fees are lower than other exchanges and all transactions give more back to TITANO and its holders!

NOW FOR THE BIG NEWS! SWYCH has now been listed on CoinMarketCap (! This is something we have all been working on and waiting for, and today it has been confirmed! The full listing of a DEX is not a small thing and this marks a watershed moment in our development. SWYCH has now arrived and we are able to step things up!

So what next? Well, we have the SWYCH updates coming along nicely and a new game/utility ready for launch. We are hoping to give you some sneak peaks in the coming week and will look to release the game in August along with a good marketing push.

We know that the last few months have been difficult for everyone. However, we can assure you we have been building consistently throughout this period and doing our utmost to protect and work for our investors. Please do not focus on the Titano price but on the work we have done and on the project as a whole. Today, Titano is in a strong position with good funds in reserve. While other projects have disappeared or squandered funds, we have protected assets for our long-term holders and worked hard on the developments in the background.

As the SWYCH eco-system develops we will see significant benefits for TITANO holders and as the market conditions improve we will be pushing and developing SWYCH as much as we can. We have so many exciting things to show you all!

As always, thank you all for your support and patience. We have an amazing community here at Titano. In any journey worth taking there may be ups and downs, but we believe we have something very special here and we believe Titano really will change the future of DeFi. Today we moved one big step closer to that future!



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