Amazing Update!


All Hacked Funds have been successfully recovered!

We have amazing news to report. Our efforts in pursuing the hackers who stole the money from Titano PLAY have been fruitful and all stolen funds have now been returned.

On Monday 14th February 2022 a hacker was able to steal 4828 BNB from the PLAY protocol. The Titano team immediately pursued a course of action that allowed us to pinpoint the source of the exploit, identify the individuals involved and then open a dialog with these people. We applied maximum pressure and maintained consistent contact with the hackers in the hours and days since the incident.

During this period the team has been under considerable stress with FUD coming from external parties and even threats of violence coming from the hackers but we persisted. Today however, our efforts bore fruit and the total amount taken in the hack was returned to Titano.

This development is the result of a lot of hard work, patience and coordination. The team has been supported by an incredible community that did not run when things got difficult. You believed in us and stayed with us and we are so grateful for your trust. Our thanks go out to all of you and also to our moderators who kept everyone in the loop so expertly.

Our thanks also go out to our many supporters on social media, your tweets and videos countering the FUD have made a huge impact and of course thank you to Jesse for hosting another AMA which allowed us to update everyone openly on the situation and address any concerns directly.

We would also like to acknowledge one Titan in particular, sonnysege which provided us with critical information very early on, confirming our suspicions as to the identify of the hacker. The fact we were able to confront our hacker so quickly will have made a big impact and for this reason, the developers would like to award him/her with $10k from our team funds.

In the meantime, the full amount will be returned to the community and added to the liquidity pool to increase price support and stability. This will happen after the token migration happens.

Thank you Titans for your support. Today was another huge day for Titano and we are grateful to you all.

The Titano Team



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