BuyBacks and Burn, and stable pair Coming!

Hey Titans!

As we outlined in the recent Titan Talk, we will be adding the BNB/BUSD pair to SWYCH in the next few days.

Also, we have now received the 20% cashback from the Liquid capital presale, and as promised, 50% of the funds will be used for a buyback and burn, which has already been scheduled. The goal here is to cause some positive price pressure in this choppy market.

As has been communicated by the team, the specific time of the buyback and burn will not be advertised, but it will 100% occur within the next 5–6 days. And there will be an announcement after it has happened.

Also, to reiterate, the team is focused on modifying SWYCH to a full-service DEX with staking, farming and other amazing features that will cause lots of new revenue generation for Titano and you Titans and burning opportunities for Titano. Bear with us while these features are fully developed. We assure you that it will be worth the wait.

Additionally, the new use case mentioned in the Titano Talk will follow soon after the DEX upgrades.

Thanks for your faith and support.

The Titano Team ❤️



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