First Lottery Draw!

Hey, there, Titans!

We have recently released both the Titano Lottery and BetSwirl Games partnership, as you may have known already. Both have had an excellent effect on the protocol and bring more value to Titano! Let’s take a look at Titano Lottery first.

In less than 24 hours, the Titano lottery has hit a jackpot value of over $70k! The first drawing has occurred, and more will come over the following days! You can join in now for the Titano lottery by purchasing a ticket directly from our website for $5 worth of Titano! It’s important to remember that tickets are one-time use per draw and are nonrefundable, but also remember that this helps the protocol by taking tokens out of circulation.

Titano’s Lottery will continue to grow more and more each time someone purchases a ticket, and with a jackpot currently at over $70k, it will rise even more before the next daily drawing! This is only the start of the Lottery, and we expect to see a MEGA prize once a winner is drawn.

Stay tuned for more news and excitement, and get ready for the more drawings of the Titano lottery!



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