Important Update

Hello Titans 🪐

Great News! We are 100% on target for the migration to the new Titano V2 token on Friday April 22nd.

❇️ The migration process will begin at 12:00 pm UTC+0. We expect the migration to take anywhere from 2–4 hours depending on network traffic.

As mentioned there will be a live AMA starting at 14:30 UTC+0.

During the migration the entire team will be on hand to answer any questions and fix any issues you Titans may have!

The team has been hard at work preparing things and ensuring that everything will be smooth.

There has been much concern regarding the migration process, what actions Titans will need to take, and if it will be a 1 to 1 token swap? As usual, the Titano team has made things as simple as possible for everyone involved.

The migration to the Titano V2 token will be completely automatic. The new tokens will be automatically placed in your wallet and you Titans do not have to perform any actions to activate these tokens.

They will automatically rebase every 30 minutes as the previous tokens have done. Your original Titano tokens will remain in your wallet, but will be de-activated from Swaps and Rebases.

Everyone will have to add the contract address for the new token to see it in the wallet and here is the information regarding the new Titano token.

TITANO V2 Contract:

✅ 0x4e3cABD3AD77420FF9031d19899594041C420aeE

🔹 Name of the New Titano V2 Token = TITANO

🔹 Number of Decimal places = 18

🔹 The tokens will be a 1:1 ratio meaning you will have the exact same number of new Titano tokens after the migration.

🔹 You do not have to pay any fees to get the new tokens.

🔹 You do not have to connect your wallet to the Titano website, or any other website, to receive the new tokens.

Additionally, after the token migration and deployment of the new contracts:

Certik Skynet will be activated — This is Certik’s service that shows Titano Certik security score and constantly monitors the contracts for any new vulnerabilities or changes to the contracts. Certik Skynet will be in effect for the life of the contracts.

Anyone can review the new contracts. The contracts will be made available for all. These are the contracts Certik approved and will monitor.

VERY IMPORTANT: The only place to get information about the Titano V2 token migration is through the official Titano channels. Anyone else approaching you with information about the migration, asking you to connect your wallet to any website, give your password or seed phrase, or provide them with your personal information in order to receive your new token is likely a scammer. There is no separate website, discord, telegram, or any other channel for the migration. The migration is completely automatic. In short, if you currently hold Titano tokens, you do not have to do anything to receive your new Titano tokens.

This will begin the next stage in the growth of Titano! Exciting times Titans ⚡️




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The First Automatic Staking Cryptocurrency, just buy, hold and see your portfolio grow. Earn Up To: 102,483.58% APY! Website:

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