It’s Time to Swych!

3 min readFeb 17, 2023

Dear all,

We’re excited to announce some major changes happening at Titano that will benefit our community, both now and in the long term. In the last year our team has been closely monitoring the project, the market, other DeFi projects, and innovations, to develop strategies and tools that align with our community’s goals. Our end goal is to build a DeFi ecosystem that is stable, sustainable, and offers attractive investment opportunities.

To achieve this, we’ve identified six crucial areas that we’ll be focusing on:

1. Build a DeFi ecosystem based on proven DeFi principles.
2. Create immediate price stability for the project.
3. Introduce elements that cause consistent upward price pressure.
4. Focus on long-term stable passive income for holders.
5. Offer a variety of attractive ways for holders to participate in our
6. Position the project so that it will constantly attract new holders.
These changes will require a significant transformation of our project, but
we believe that change is essential for growth. Therefore, we’d like to
start by announcing some significant updates:
• The Titano project will evolve into Swych, a new and complete DeFi
ecosystem that aligns with our community’s goals.
• The Titano token will become the new SWYCH token and this will sit at
the heart of the new ecosystem.
• Rebasing will come to an end.

We’re making these changes because we’re dedicated to creating a stable, sustainable, and attractive investment opportunity for our community.

The rebasing token and TAP was a revolution in DeFi that started an entire trend in the space. But in the last 8–10 months, the rebasing mechanics have been a significant challenge for us, as they create a constant downward price pressure that is difficult to overcome. While we’ve tried to develop revenue-generating use cases, they are not enough to keep up with the perceived inflation. Compounded by difficult macro-economic conditions we have struggled to attract new buyers and investors.

Furthermore, our current token mechanics make it difficult to utilize the full potential of our ecosystem. For example, we can’t offer staking and farming, and reputable centralized exchanges won’t list our rebasing token.

The new Swych token, on the other hand, will provide greater potential benefits to our community. It will allow us to offer staking, farming, and many other use cases. Additionally, and this is a big one, we would be able to list the SWYCH token on a centralized exchange, making it more accessible to a broader audience.

We understand that these changes may come as a surprise to some of you, and you may wonder why we launched Titano with a rebasing token in the first place. We believe that rebasing was an excellent mechanism for token distribution in the early stages of our project. In that respect it was a massive success. Even today we have over 75000 wallets holding Titano and we have one of the biggest, most active communities in DeFi. However, times and conditions change, and the rebasing mechanism is no
longer the right product for us to achieve our current goals. We’re confident that the new products we’re developing will take us where we want to go.

We are sure that you all have lots of questions about the process and features of the new Swych token. We will do a Titan Talk within the next 72 hours (the team will post the time). Please get all of your questions to “ Summit “ or any moderator in advance.

By the way, the Swych token is only the first element in a list of new elements and developments we will present over the next 60 days that will fully reveal the work that has been undertaken to accomplish our goals for this project and the community. We look forward to sharing all with you as it gets rolled out. In conclusion, we’re excited about the future of Swych, and we hope that our community shares our enthusiasm. We’re committed to creating an ecosystem that provides stable, sustainable, and attractive investment opportunities for our community, and we believe that these changes are necessary to achieve our goals.

Thank you for your ongoing support, and we look forward to this new chapter in our project’s evolution.




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