Last Block is the latest game developed by Titano. The launch date is Friday, 23rd September 2022.

Last Block brings a new level of excitement and tactical play to the DeFi space. The innovative and dynamic gameplay incentivises users to spend their Titano tokens for a chance to win big and earn passive income along the way. Furthermore, there is a component of this which creates deflationary pressure on the Titano token so it really does benefit all the holders!

But how does Last Block work? Well, that’s the big question, and we want to hear from you! Tomorrow we are launching a ‘Guess The Game’ contest because we want to know what ideas you might have for a game called ‘Last Block’. Some questions you might want to answer might include, but aren’t limited to: How do you play Last Block? How long does each game last? How does someone win? What are the rules? How do all Titano holders benefit? There are other questions you might be able to answer too. You can send illustrations, graphics, videos and text to support your answers. We want to see how imaginative this community can be!

Whoever gets closest to the real Last Block will win $250 in Titano, and whoever comes up with the most fun and creative concept will also win $250 in Titano. Who knows, maybe in the future we will even take on board some of these ideas for the next game!

So get your juices flowing and jump in with your best guesses — you might just be a winner and don’t forget to fill your wallets with Titano in anticipation of Friday’s launch of Last Block. It should be a good one!

Titano Team.



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