P.L.A.Y. Refund Updates!

Dear Titans

We are happy to announce that we are now ready to return the tokens to every Titan whose tokens were lost in the Titano PLAY hack.

We appreciate your patience and understanding that we have been overwhelmed by this terrible incident, and even now continue every attempt to have the money returned.

However, as we have consistently stated, no Titan will be hurt by this incident. And with lots of anxiousness around your unaccounted for tokens, we are acting immediately to remedy this situation.

Here are the procedures for having your tokens returned:

• In the upcoming hours, all Titano tokens in PLAY during the hack that are unaccounted for will be returned directly to the wallets of PLAY depositors.

• PLAY depositors do not need to take any actions. The tokens will appear in your wallets.

Regarding Titano PLAY, it will not be operating for a short while as we fix any vulnerabilities and upgrade the security of the project.
We will be relaunching PLAY once the Certik audit of Titano has been published and our contract upgrades have been completed.


The Titano Team



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