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Hello Titans 📣

Weekly Summary ⏳

🔹 The last week Titano holders increased from 9,450 to 17,000

🔹 The team have burned $3,100,000+ USD

🔹 Titano Price went up from ($0.0685) to ($0.1675)

🔹 New ATH reached = $0.2146

🔹 First draft of the NFT project

🔹 Youtube engagement

🔹 Trending on CoinMarketCap

🔹 Trending on DexTools

🔹 Top Gainers on CoinMarketCap

The summary shows how Titano is expanding its market step by step! The project has acquired more than 8K new Titans and the holders are getting closer to forming the best community ever.

The team thank everyone for the effort and the trust put into Titano, we wish to all Titans the best for this 2022 and we will do everything for contribute to make this year a life changer.

Having summarized the last week we welcome the new one with exciting updates and new marketing strategies 🚀

Thank you all for being Titans!




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