Titano Add Liquidity to PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool

2 min readMay 8, 2022


Hello Titans 🪐

As you know, we recently migrated TITANO to our upgraded contracts and launched SWYCH as a first step in building the next phase of Titano. Having our own DEX allows us to control our liquidity, create deflation for our token and collect revenue. Our plans for SWYCH DEX are wide-ranging and include a complete selection of DEX services like staking, farming and cross-chain functionality. We will also use the DEX to launch new projects and bring more partners to the eco-system. Indeed, the DEX is our most exciting use-case to date.

Unfortunately, despite a smooth migration and launch, there have been a few small issues which have hindered our continued growth. Most notably, we need to have SWYCH verified and validated by CoinMarketCap. Until this is done, our investors and potential investors are struggling to find the token or see correct price updates across various sites or third party crypto wallets. This has taken longer than expected and has lead to some disruption and some concern. It has also delayed some of our marketing and project updates. Although we do not have an exact timeline for the DEX being listed on CMC / DEX Tools, we anticipate it will take 1 to 2 weeks.

With this in mind we have decided to take the following step to provide a solution until SWYCH is validated by CMC and CG. The Titano team added liquidity for TITANO to Pancake Swap. As Pancake Swap is already validated by CMC our token will track again and we will be able to operate as normal.

Here are some specifics to this action:

• We added $500K in liquidity to Pancake SWAP — $250K BNB and $250K in TITANO

• We added liquidity to the TITANO-BNB Pair.

• We will provide liquidity to this pair on Pancake Swap Until SWYCH is fully listed and verified on CMC/Coingecko. At that point we will remove the liquidity from Pancake Swap.

• As you are aware, we left Pancakeswap because of their collecting and selling of TITANO onto the open market. Pancake SWAP will still receive the swap fees but the autoliquidity will be sent to the SWYCH Main Pair BNB/TITANO. This means that PancakeSwap is no more able to dump the price even if TITANO still listed on it because they will not be collecting Titano tokens through their fees.

• The liquidity is already provided

• Providing the liquidity to PCS also means the TITANO token price will be displayed on CMC, DEX Tools and other third party wallets/sites.

• Also and important, Pancakeswap will have an 18% buy and 18% sell fees, so users are incentivized to trade on SWYCH.

We will update you in an announcement the moment SWYCH is listed on CMC and CoinGecko.

The Titano Team.




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