Titano & BetSwirl Partnership

2 min readMay 18, 2022


Dear Titans 🪐

Titano is Announcing its First Significant Partnership!

Since the launch of the V2 token and contracts Titano has entered a new stage where our focus is now on use cases that cause deflation, generate significant revenue, allow us to onboard more Titans and get Titans to hold their tokens longer.

This started with the redeployment of Titano PLAY which continues to exceed expectations in terms of the prize money given to Titans, deflation, and the token burning aspects of the project. The coming lottery will build on the idea of a fun and potentially rewarding way for Titans to use their tokens to generate more tokens.

In terms of introducing use cases at the speed required, it is critical for Titano to partner with Crypto, DeFi and real-world projects. Partnering allows us access to great use cases, additional development teams and co-marketing opportunities. In short, we save time and money when we work with good partners.

Today, Titano is proud to announce our first announcement of a key partnership.

Titano has partnered with BetSwirl https://betswirl.com/, a fully decentralized and anonymous online cryptocurrency gaming platform, where everyone is able to enjoy a fair play, a fun time, and an innovative gamer experience. Betswirl creates legitimate, secure, decentralized and immersive games of chance.

Titano and Betswirl will partner on several gaming initiatives ultimately reaching a point where they will collaborate to build a gaming casino for Titano.

General terms of the partnership are:
Titans will be able to use their Titano tokens to play games. There will be two active games Dice and Coin Toss. Betswirl is currently developing additional game that will be active this quarter. We will announce these new games as they are release.

Timeline for Titans being able to play Betswirl games:
In less than 10 days, the Titano community will be able to play on Dice and Coinflip using TITANO tokens on the Titano website ⚡️

Benefits to Titano:
Titano will receive 50% of any fees collected when Titans play the Betswirl games. This revenue will be allocated as follows:
• 75% will be sent to the burn wallet
• 25% will be sent to the treasury

The Betswirl partnership marks the beginning of a series of partnerships currently being negotiated by the Titano team. Over the coming weeks you Titans will see more of these taking Titano into many other areas of DeFi and crypto utilizing the power and reach of trusted partners. We are definitely on our way.

Thank you to our new partner Betswirl. We look forward to a mutually productive relationship with your amazing project that creates long term value and wins for both of our communities.

Let the partnerships begin!

Thank you Titans!




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