Titano Celebrates 1 Year with a Huge Burn!

2 min readNov 17, 2022

Time to Celebrate! 🎂

Titans, today is our 1st anniversary! Yes, you heard it right; this fantastic community, project, and team are celebrating one whole year since launch! In the crypto world, anniversaries like this are hard to come by, and we are happy to say that we are still going strong and working as hard as ever.

Of course, our gratitude goes out to the amazing community of Titans who have all been here supporting and growing with us. We cannot thank you enough. You have provided us with the feedback, ideas, energy and enthusiasm to continue pushing forward through good times and bad. With you behind us, we continue to expand our ecosystem daily, and we know that Titano’s future is long and bright.

In celebration of this momentous occasion, we will be doing a burn of tokens. This, however, is no typical burn. This is something much much more, something you might call… an ULTRA MEGA BIRTHDAY BURN. Today, the Titano Team will be burning a record 10% of the total supply of Titano!

🔥 Burn Link = https://bscscan.com/tx/0x52fc67f2d116c229969a19b71c57857fefc413b3d181db55220fde7f834702c5

Titano started as a simple vision a year ago, an idea to simplify and empower investors; an auto-staking protocol and a fair launch. Little did we know, it would start a revolution in DeFi. Titano Finance has now been forked several hundred times, but absolutely nobody has been able to copy our community spirit or our core values.

At the heart of it, we have always been about innovation and over the past year, we have continued to build through bull and bear market, releasing multiple usecases and utility for Titano. From Titano P.L.A.Y to the Titano Lottery, Titano Stable Pool, LastBlock, Swych DEX and now the launchpad and incubator. In the coming weeks and months, you can expect to see all the seeds we’ve planted begin to blossom. Our first incubated project, Uniqo has a fair launch tomorrow, our launchpad will expand in the coming weeks and the services we offer will grow too.

Titano’s first year has been incredible and it is just the beginning of our journey. As a team, we believe more strongly than ever, that we have something extraordinary here, and we are excited to keep innovating and developing our ecosystem.

Thank you all for being a part of this journey. We can’t wait to see what the next year brings for all of us. May it be even more incredible than the last.

The Titano Team ❤️




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