Hey Titans 🪐

We know the sentiment around the community and hear all of you. There has been a lot of feedback and suggestions, and we are looking at each and every one. That said, the largest request we see is providing more communication and updates, which is precisely what we will be doing. So let’s discuss some of the key focuses we have moving forward.

1. We understand everyone’s concerned by the chart right now but please remember we have some major items coming up on the roadmap and we are committed to making those happen in a big way.

2. With that in mind and with so many updates on the way we are in the process of engaging a marketing agency to help us handle a major promotional push. So along with the 9 man dev team, we are now bringing on more people to make Titano a major force in the DeFi space. We will make an announcement about this shortly and aim to introduce the team to you all in due course!

3. We are aware that a few whales have left us in the last few days, and we are sorry to see them go but for those of you that remain, we are preparing something special. We are going to bring a new value initiative for our holders and give you yet another reason to stay! We will provide more information in the next coming days.

4. The new game/utility is almost ready and as part of the marketing launch we will be running a community competition in the next few days. We are going to give you the name of the game and we want you to tell us what you think it’s all about. The one that gets closest to the reality will win some Titano (which you can then later use to win more money on the game itself!). So look out for the competition in TG, Discord and Twitter!

5. We are putting everything into and behind the SWYCH eco system. We believe this could become a keystone project on BSC and we’re aiming right for the top.Now that we are fully tracked, we will be pushing the autofarms and launchpad after the updated DEX is ready.

With all of this info and exciting updates to come, we hope this clarifies the mission we are set to complete. Over the following days and weeks, we will update you all on the progress and development of Titano. The most important part of the project is you, the Titans. With your continued support, our future is bright.

Titano Team🔥



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