Weekly Summary!

2 min readApr 18, 2022


Hey, there, Titans!

⚡️ Weekly Summary ⚡️

Happy Monday, Titans! The start of a new week means the recap of the last, so let’s look back at some of the news and stats. Before doing so, though, we would like to thank all of you for your faith and support.

Let’s start with some fantastic news and statistics!

- V2 Migration is coming on April 22nd, with the launch of our new DEX! 🚀

- The migration process will be entirely automatic, meaning no input is needed to get your V2 tokens.

- Titano currently sits at over 80k holders!

- Our Discord channel is over 38k Titans, our telegram is over 32k, and our Twitter is over 34k followers!

- The price has fluctuated between .05 and .10 this week and currently sits at .067 with an upward trend.

- The team burned 288,659,996 Titano, which is valued at over $30,074,000 🔥

Now, let’s give a refresher on some of those incredible utilities and features coming soon

- The Titano DEX will allow us to become more sustainable thanks to circulating supply burns and added utilities. It also allows us new features and partnerships, that can add additional revenue.

- Titano PLAY and Lottery will allow for a more deflationary Titano, as we now have utilities that can burn and take off tokens from the APY. With P.L.A.Y, it has also been re-written to allow for more winners!

- We continue to expand our community and work with amazing partners to do so.

- Marketing and articles are continuing to be published leading up to the launch of V2

There are a lot of incredible new features coming to Titano, and we are only mere days away from it. Remember that Titano is working on building an entire ecosystem that will allow for more features and sustainability. This means more value for every Titan! However, this all starts with you, the community, who is the backbone and heart of Titano. We are so grateful to have such a fantastic group in the community.

As we get closer to V2, it’s also important to stay vigilant. Make sure you get your news from good and legit sources like our Telegram, Discord, and Twitter; remember, we will NEVER reach out to you first. Thanks, Titans, for the love and support you consistently provide to us and each other, and we are thrilled to start our V2 journey together soon.

The Titano Team ❤️




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