Weekly Summary!

Hey, there, Titans! 🪐

⚡️ Weekly Summary ⚡️

It’s Monday, which means a recap of the incredible week we have just had. There has been a lot of information shared, and we want to cover it all! Firstly, thank you, Titans, for all the love and support during the migration process.

Let’s start with some fantastic news and statistics!

- V2 Migration is complete! All tokens were transferred to wallets without any user input needed :muscle_tone1:

- Swych, our all-new DEX, has been launched!You can now buy and sell directly through Titano 🚀

- Bogged is now an aggregator to Swych; you can use them to buy and sell your tokens! Remember that an aggregator does not get fee’s and instead gives them to the DEX it uses, in this case Swych 🔥

- Our Discord channel is over 41k Titans, our telegram is over 35k, and our Twitter is over 36k followers!

- The team is working hard to resolve any reported issues you may have and is proud to say almost all resolved

Now, let’s look at some of the amazing utilities and updates soon!

- Titano PLAY is coming soon, allowing Titans a chance at a grand prize, estimated to be over 1 million dollars on our first draw. This prize will be shared among 25 contestants. PLAY is also deflationary and will help to sustain the project.

- Titano Lottery will bring a new way to use your tokens by purchasing Titano lottery tickets for a chance at even larger grand prizes!

- We are expanding into our Chinese communities! We are excited to develop new partnerships and welcome new Titans from that area in the world.

- Marketing-wise, we are spreading the word of Titano to amazing content creators on YouTube, Twitter, and so on. New articles are also being posted to spread the word!

- We continue to smooth over any issues with Swych so that every Titan can have a smooth experience! Thanks so much for all the information you have provided.

- We have provided our updated contract address to CMC, CoinGecko, and so on. Doing so will update the charts and provide pricing within your crypto wallet.

- We are also working with Crypto wallets to update our listing and token image!

This is just the start of our exciting journey, and we are very excited to start it with all of you. Stay tuned as we announce new features and updates on everything Titano. Thank you also for all of the fantastic info you have provided and the support during this transition to V2. We could not be more grateful to have such an incredible community.

It’s also important to stay vigilant with everything new coming out. Remember to get your news from official sources like our Telegram, Discord, Reddit, and Twitter; remember, we will NEVER reach out to you first. Thanks again, Titans, for all the love and support.

The Titano Team ❤️




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The First Automatic Staking Cryptocurrency, just buy, hold and see your portfolio grow. Earn Up To: 102,483.58% APY! Website: https://titano.finance

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