Weekly Summary

Hey, there, Titans! 🪐

⚡️ Weekly Summary ⚡️

Another week comes to a close, and a new week starts today! We have some exciting things in the works and are even more excited to share them. Firstly, we want to thank every Titan for their continued support and faith. All of you keep making this project more amazing every day.

Let’s dive into some highlights!

- We are now listed on CMC and CoinGecko! This was done by creating a temporary liquidity pool there. We are still hard at work getting SWYCH listed next 💪🏻

- We had our second PLAY drawing, valued at over $277,000.00! Unfortunately, a portion of that is burned, with winners getting $11,000.00+ in Titano each! The next drawing is 24 hours away.

- We had our second episode of Titano Talk, discussing some exciting new plans and roadmaps ahead. We also discussed the start of our charity initiative, with more info coming soon!

- We have added an “announcements” section to the main homepage and the app. This allows members not within the social media communities to get the latest updates!

Next, let’s look at some things upcoming!

- The Lottery system is preparing for launch, and our goal is to bring it to the community within 2–3 weeks! This will be a fantastic new feature for using your Titano and help the ecosystem.

- We are getting ready to unveil our first partner for Titano; stay tuned, as it will be exciting! That said, we are also working with countless other projects to discuss DEX listings.

- BuyBack and burns algorithms have been made to automate the process and are preparing for launch. We are carefully monitoring ongoing market conditions to make them the most effective and pairing them with marketing to spread the word!

- Now that we have CMC and CoinGecko listings, we can start some great marketing. This includes a more significant social media presence along with publications.

Thanks for joining us on this weekly summary! We are excited to continue the journey for Titano and constantly add more value. We are hard at work every day and love all of the suggestions you Titans have shared with us. Thank you all so much for the support and trust you have given us. Without all of you, we would not be here today; this incredible community makes us the best project in DeFi.

It’s also important to remind every Titan that the team will never DM you first and only get your information from official channels.

Thank you, Titans!
The Titano Team ❤️




The First Automatic Staking Cryptocurrency, just buy, hold and see your portfolio grow. Earn Up To: 102,483.58% APY! Website: https://titano.finance

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The First Automatic Staking Cryptocurrency, just buy, hold and see your portfolio grow. Earn Up To: 102,483.58% APY! Website: https://titano.finance

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