Weekly Summary!

Hey Titans! 🪐

⚡️ Weekly Summary ⚡️

Welcome to the first recap of September! We are excited for this month as many of our newest features are coming to fruition. We know you are just as excited as us to see those new features in action. Of course, it all wouldn’t be possible without the support of you Titans. That said, let’s rewind a bit and look at our weekly recap!

Time to see what happened last week!

- Titano’s TSP (Titano Stable Pool) has been released! You can now stake your Titano in exchange for BUSD rewards. This helps combat inflation greatly by taking tokens off the APY, and we already see over 300 million tokens deposited! Enter your tokens now by following the link below.


- Another PLAY drawing occurred this week! With a total prize of over 66,004,950 Titano! Each winner received 2,640,198 Titano, and 10,725,806 was burned! Another drawing starts tomorrow!

- We have hired a marketing agency to help us broadcast Titano throughout the crypto space. In addition, we are working with them to better market Swych and our other unreleased utility.

- We are working closely with our new marketing agency to plan the most effective release of our latest utility and Swych upgrades. As more info comes, we will be happy to share it!

Let’s look at what is next for Titano!

- We hear all of you and are happy to say Titan Talks will be returning soon! Also, expect to see more AMA’s and information about Titano and what’s going on.

- The newest utility is still gearing up for launch. Our primary focus with it at the moment is the best way to market and generate hype around its launch. Once a set date is ready for its launch or the competition, more info will be posted.

- Swych upgrades are on time and following the existing timeframe for launch. These new upgrades will set the foundation for our ecosystem and allow us to bring in external sources of revenue. Stay tuned, as we may have more teasers soon!

That’s all for this week! As we have said, September is gearing up to be an exciting month, with the return of Titan Talks and AMA’s, the launch of new features and teasers, and so on. We also want to thank you, Titans, for supporting and standing by the project, as you are the most crucial part of it all.

Thank you all!
The Titano Team ❤️



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