Weekly Summary!

2 min readJul 4, 2022


Hey Titans! 🪐

⚡️ Weekly Summary ⚡️

July is upon us like a speeding train, and with the dawn of a new month, exciting new things are ahead. As always, let’s kick it off with a week-in recap, and some sneak peeks at what’s to come. As always, thank you, Titans, for your continued support and faith as we grow our economy more each day.

Firstly, some highlights from the previous week!

- Titano hosted a fantastic episode of Titan Talk with David, Eric from Liquid Capital, and Austin Clark. For those who haven’t seen it yet, check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74ulfzH8ORQ

- Titano has taken its first steps in getting our DEX listed on CMC and CoinGecko. So far, SWYCH is untracked but now showing on the CMC website; we expect to see a complete listing in the upcoming weeks.

- Titano PLAY drawing occurred, with a total prize of over 31,809,025 Titano! Each winner received 1,272,361 Titano, and 5,168,968 were sent to be burned! Be ready for tomorrow’s drawing!

- Titano hosted a Meme competition, and we saw some awesome content get created. Shoutout to all the participants; we can’t wait to use those memes!

Now let’s see what’s up next!

- Titano is working on a new utility; we will share more on it as we approach launch.

- The team is working hard behind the scenes on marketing and getting the word of Titano around the globe. These include articles and influencers, and we are excited to start pushing it all out publicly soon.

- With CMC and CoinGecko listing coming soon, we will also see adding new features to SWYCH. All of which will be talked about as the features are finalized.

- We have heard Titan’s requests for burns and more burns, do not fear Titans; the team will burn more tokens in the upcoming days to help curve inflation.

That’s all for this weekly summary! The month of July will be exciting for Titano, so keep an eye out for the latest announcements and tweets. Thank you for your support and trust; we are all one team and community; together, we can achieve anything. Remember, the team will never DM you first and only get your information from official channels. Stay safe, Titans!

Thank you all!
The Titano Team ❤️




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