Weekly Summary!

Hey Titans! 🪐

⚡️ Weekly Summary ⚡️

We are starting a new month and starting it strong! So many great things are coming, and we have also released our latest utility, Last Block. We want to thank you, Titans, for your continued trust and support. Now, onto the summary!

Last week’s recap!

- Announcement of the official Swych rebranding launch on October 6th! Be excited and ready for our latest entry into our ecosystem. Swych will provide significant new use cases and sources of revenue as we continue to build our ecosystem.

- We are hosting a Titan Talk on the 6th to celebrate and guide people through the launch of Swych. We will be listening to live feedback and answering questions you may have. We also will be giving away small prizes!

-Thanks to combining all our utilities, we burned over 750 million Titano tokens! This isn’t even including Last Block’s automatic burn process.

- Another PLAY drawing occurred this week! With a total prize of over 98,375,450 Titano! Each winner received 3,935,018 Titano, and 15,986,014 was burned! Get ready for another drawing tomorrow!

Let’s now glimpse into the future!

- Swych is set to release on October 6th! Features like farming will come after its initial release. We will continue to add more features and listen to feedback on our rebranding.

- We have heard a LOT of feedback from Last Block and will make some exciting new changes with the next game. These changes will improve the overall feel and rewards for the game. We are still investigating issues and taking feedback on the game.

- Our marketing agency has developed plans and executed them in anticipation of the launch of Swych. Our goal is to reach a new audience and excite our current investors.

- The new features don’t stop there; our roadmap will continue to expand, and new things will be added to it after completing our current path. We are also still working on improving lottery and TSP,

That is it for this week! Thanks, Titans, for all the support and constructive feedback you provide. Our vision is to create an ecosystem that brings value to all of our investors. We are excited to keep building and working on this vision.

Thank you all!
The Titano Team ❤️



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