Weekly Summary!

Hey Titans! 🪐

⚡️ Weekly Summary ⚡️

Today marks the first day of an entirely new month, and we are excited about it! It is also the start of a new week, so the weekly summary lines up perfectly! As always, let’s dive into some of the highlights and future development of Titano. As we continue to work on everything, we want to thank all of you Titans for your continued support. Now, onto the summary!

Last weeks highlights

- Titano burned over 99 million tokens! These token burns come from PLAY, Lottery, SWYCH, and BetSwirl, and help the project’s long-term sustainability.

- We hosted Titan Talk 11, maybe one of our most exciting yet! This Titan talk focused on the plans of Titano, along with the current market situations presented. Check it out by following the link below:

- This week saw another PLAY drawing! With a total prize of over 38,985,525 Titano! Each winner received 1,559,421 Titano, and 6,335,149 was burned! Another drawing will happen tomorrow!

- Our fantastic partner, BetSwirl, added an all-new game to play, Roulette! You can play it today and try your luck! Check it out by using the link below:

Now, time for what’s up next!

- Titano is revamping the entire UI of SWYCH. These things include SWYCH name remains, interface, and potentially URL. All of which are being worked on with a combined team of 6 developers. The contract and the UI are complete and will launch in the coming weeks

- Our all-new utility will come out shortly after the launch of our updated DEX. Its finishing touches have been made, and testing is almost entirely complete.

-New Titano pairs will be added, such as BUSD and potentially USDT. The money for these pairs is to be added using the V1 LP.

- For CMC and Coin Gecko, we are working on getting listed as soon as possible. Part of the delay comes from upgrades to SWYCH, while the other is simply pending review.

- Thanks to our incredible new partner Liquid Capital, we will see a BuyBack and burn of approximately $35K, which is half of the money that Titano received in the presale. Congrats on their launch; we are excited to see our price jump a bit thanks to their support!

- The team is listening to the constant feedback given to us by all of you Titans, and know we take it to heart. Many things have to go into executing that feedback, such as market analysis and, for example, ensuring that BuyBack burns have an effective outcome.

That concludes this weekly summary and our glimpse into the future. The team is committed to the continued growth of Titano and won’t stop until we have an entire ecosystem! Again, thank you, Titans, for continuing to support and grow with this, and we cannot wait to build the future together.

As always, make sure you get any official Titano news from our official channels only, and know the team will NEVER DM you first.

Thank you all!
The Titano Team ❤️



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