Weekly Summary!

Hey Titans! 🪐

⚡️ Weekly Summary ⚡️

It has been an exciting month, and we are happy to keep building on that excitement! With the launch of Swych, some updates to Last Block and much more are coming. It also is the start of a new week, which means it’s time for our weekly summary. Before we dive in, we want to thank all of you, Titans, for your support as we continue to develop our ecosystem. Now, let’s get started!

Last week’s recap!

- Swych has been launched! With its launch, we have introduced an elegant new design, a dedicated URL, a better user interface, and a launchpad! You can start using Swych today by visiting the link below.


- With the addition of our new launchpad, we have also opened up an application portal to submit your project! By following the link below to our launchpad form, you can fill out your information to launch your project!


- We have updated the last block and increased the jackpot prize! Thanks to your feedback, we are changing Last Block to be more exciting by offering higher royalty rewards, perpetual blocks, and shorter phases.

- We hosted a Titan Talk this week, discussing the launch of Swych and exciting plans for the future. If you missed it, you can watch it below.


- For our Telegram community, we recently hosted an AMA on our channel with David, John, and Richard (a long-time Titano supporter).

- A PLAY drawing occurred this week! With a total prize of over 111,166,200 Titano! Each winner received 4,646,648 Titano, and 18,121,929 was burned! Get ready for another drawing tomorrow!

Let’s now glimpse into the future!

- Swych is set to release its Farming features soon; along with this, we will also see more staking features. Another exciting feature is coming to Swych charts, allowing you to check live transactions and prices for your favorite coins. We are also working on Auto Tax and a dark mode for the Swych interface.

- Our marketing team is working hard to get influencers, banners, SEO, and so much more for Titano and Swych. They continue to work now to broadcast all of the fantastic things the Titano ecosystem has to offer.

- We are working on exciting new features and utilities to bring to our ecosystem. More to come!

Swych Competition winners

As we also said in the last Titan Talk, we are giving away some prizes for some community content. We are happy to announce the winners of the prizes now! We will contact you individually to send your prizes.

Promo Material and Art:
Bargas (Telegram)
Flux (Telegram)

Miro (Discord)
Andrei (Discord)

Twitter Posts:
Saylor Girl (Discord)
Vikkisayt (Discord)
Miller (Telegram)
ST (Telegram)

That concludes this weekly summary, and we are beyond excited to take our next steps into the future. For the competition, we saw a lot of exciting art and memes for Swych; it was hard to choose winners, but thank you all for entering!

Thank you all!
The Titano Team ❤️



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